Revengers, Inc.

"Revengers Inc." centers around 3 misfit girls in an acting school. The Revengers - Belinda, Freedom!, and Kato, quirky and lovable, yet not A List material. The Animated Revengers are part Rugrats, part The Incredibles, with maybe a little Powerpuff Girls thrown in for fun.

When The Revengers misguided attempts to fit in fail they decide to exact a fitting revenge upon the Hilton's with the help of Steven and Stephen, or the Steves. The school's AV-squad tech-heads. They challenge the Hilton's to a competition, the prize being the chance to dog walk/ personal assist for Dakotah West, a graduate of the school who is now a famous musician.

The two teams compete in various humorous ways, each trying to out do the other for the honor of becoming Dakotah's assistant. Eventually The Revengers bring The Hilton's down causing them to alienate themselves from the entire student body, faculty, and Dakotah. The Revengers win and all is right in the world.

Actors: Bree Sharp, Cameron Oro, Casey Moekel, Hillary Geddes, Jeffrey Corriea
Directors & Writer: Robert Bella
Producer: Alyssa Rallo Bennett