Gary O. Bennett Executive Director and Co-Founder

Gary O. Bennett
Executive Director and Co-Founder

Gary O. Bennett wrote and directed Rain Without Thunder, a feature film starring Betty Buckley, Jeff Daniels, Linda Hunt, Frederic Forrest, Graham Greene and Austin Pendleton, that was released nationally in 1993 by Orion Classics. It premiered at the San Francisco Film Festival and was featured at several other film festivals, including ones located in Ft. Lauderdale, Ann Arbor, Berlin, Human Rights Watch, Dublin and Locarno, Switzerland.

Gary Bennett co-wrote The Pack with his wife, Alyssa Rallo Bennett. The Pack is an award-winning feature length film that has been screened in over a dozen film festivals including Sedona Film Festival, Hoboken Film Festival and theatrically released in NY & LA in 2009. Directed by Alyssa, it stars Lucie Arnaz, Elisabeth Moss, Roger Robinson, Zach Galligan, Ryan Homchick (a Stonestreet alum), Tibor Feldman et al.

For the theater, Gary has written Juden Rift, a two-act, full-length stage play initially showcased at The Column Theater, and then remounted in Fall 1998 at Stonestreet Studios.

Gary and Alyssa have since adapted Juden Rift for the screen, which consequently won a Fade In Magazine Awar. The Frozen Infirmary, Gary’s two-act, full-length stage play, was presented in Ensemble Studio Theater’s Octoberfest in NYC. Gary also wrote Madras, a full-length stage play, and Body Fluid, a two-act, full-length stage play, which was given a staged reading at the Ensemble Studio Theatre’s 1993 Octoberfest in New York.

His short films include Dance for Me Velma, about a mysterious weekend in the Catskill Mountains spent by a hard-driving Wall Street female executive. Directed by Alyssa Rallo Bennett, it premiered at the Brooklyn Film Festival, and can be seen along with its other festival screenings at Gary also wrote The Weather Report, also directed by Alyssa, which premiered at The Santa Cruz Film Festival, and subsequently screened in Canada at the Light Plays Tricks Film Festival and the Back East Film Festival in New Jersey.

Other short films, The Pitch and Jack & Jill also directed by Alyssa, can be seen on their vimeo channel. Earlier on, Gary wrote and directed The Butterfly Effect, a thirty-minute narrative produced in video for which he won a College Emmy Award. He also wrote and directed Twists and In the Middle.

Gary has also written Who Killed Juliet Matlin?, an award-winning feature-length screenplay currently in developmen along with Mentor. He wrote the pilot, The Exchange, which wa directed by Chris Lutkin in 2001.

Gary wrote all 254 episodes of the webseries The 47th Floor, the internet’s only historical/sci-fi mystery, now airing its 7th season.

Gary holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and a Bachelor of Science in Business from SUNY at Buffalo (1975), and a Law Degree and a Master of Social Welfare Degree from the University of California at Berkeley (1979). Mr. Bennett is a member of the American Bar Association.