Jennifer Sukup Casting Director / Voice Instructor

Jennifer Sukup
Casting Director / Voice Instructor

Jennifer Sukup has been a casting director for eighteen years, specializing in voice-over independently as well as through several prominent casting offices in New York, including Pamela Fahey Casting, VO Syndicate, Big Yellow Duck, Doreen Frumkin Casting, Oink Ink, Broadcasters, Don Case Casting, and Sound Lounge. She got her start in the VO world as an assistant at CESD talent agency, where she discovered a love for casting by doing in-house auditions for the signed VO talent.  She went on to run the Casting Department at Pomann Sound, covering campaigns such as Dunkin Donuts, Volvo, Verizon and CT Lottery.  She later moved on to Godlove Casting where she got a taste for On-Camera and Beauty casting while continuing to cast for VO.   Recent commercial VO credits include e.l.f., Lenovo, Depend, Amex, Toyota, Comcast, MattressFirm, T. Rowe Price, Redbox, Progressive, Trident, Verizon, Vanguard, Consumer Reports, and TAP Portugal.  She also casts animation, including recent series reboots of Transformers: Cyberverse and Rescue Bots Academy.  Other credits include Octonauts, Angelo Rules, International Hareport, Floribella, Baby Rockers, and Trivia Crack.  She also cast the animated film The Easter Egg Adventure with Brooke Shields, Joe Pantoliano, Eli Wallach and Sandra Bernhardt.    In addition to teaching at Stonestreet, she also teaches VO workshops with esteemed colleague Elizabeth Bunnell as well as Animation Intensives with Erica Schroeder.