Three ambitious young actors, of questionable talent, live together in a beach house as they try to make their dreams a reality. Those young actors are actually characters, being performed by three highly capable Juilliard-trained actors, all as part of a deceptive reality show. The process of that reality show is being documented by an arrogant crew of recent film-school grads, who are trying to expose the seedy underbelly of reality television.

Their efforts are being filmed as well, by a giant film studio that has run out of ideas. It’s a performance, within a reality show, with a documentary, within a feature film. As the shoot(s) progress, they begin to blend, and it becomes unclear who is an actor and who is not, and who has control of which project. The true nature of reality is questioned. It’s Showception.

*Status: Post-Production

Contact: Shane Newmark Dolch - shane@snewmark.com

Produced at Stonestreet Studios in association with the LA Stonestreet Conservatory