Office on the Hill

On Halloween, the infamous haunted law offices of Mann, Turely & Onn are said to be at their most psycho-kinetically charged. Taking advantage of this disturbing energy are a group of young men and women who have accepted a million dollar challenge to stay in the office for an entire week, and the eccentric young billionaire who is presenting that challenge.

There is also a group of amateur ghost hunters who just want to get a TV deal, a young telekinetic who refuses to prove her powers because she’s “not feeling it yet,” and hungry young Viner who is documenting her. Finally, there are two office workers who are just trying to move into their damn office, and ghosts that are trying to figure out how to get everyone to leave without resorting to stereotypical barbaric ghost behavior. The ghosts want a piece of that money.

*Status: Post-Production

Contact: Shane Newmark Dolch - shane@snewmark.com

Watch the Teaser: