The Stonestreet Screen Acting & Production Conservatory is open to all actors, directors, writers, and producers who have completed their primary acting and/or directing training at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts, or who have had some prior training or experience in the professional world.

Stonestreet has an interview process, whereby prospective students can learn more about our program and studio facilities, and we can become acquainted with the student’s goals, interests, and past experiences. Based on this interview, we ascertain whether or not a student is right for our program as well as ways to individualize when a student is eclectic in interests and talents.

A student’s background, interests, maturity, work ethic and overall attitude is what is most important rather than an audition or portfolio review for Stonestreet to judge a potential candidate for admission into our Stonestreet I curriculum.

Students who successfully complete Stonestreet I are eligible to and generally do return for Stonestreet II, III, and/or IV. Interested students should call Stonestreet Studios at:(212) 229-0020 and make an appointment to discuss and gain admission for our advanced programs.

Because Stonestreet II-IV is production oriented, we develop and gear projects to feature our actor/director/writers in new and exciting ways and thus, the earlier we know a student is returning, the better we can feature, advise and prepare for their presence in the program.

Students who are out-of-town may conduct their interview via telephone. Students may register for credit first, but must schedule and hold their interview before attending.

Please direct additional inquiries to:

Allison Brzezinski,
Managing Director or 212-229-0020


Stonestreet Studios does not currently offer financial aid assistance or merit scholarships to prospective students, nor do we offer rates per class. Our semester rates are fixed, though we will establish payment plans with incoming students on a case-by-case basis, for very special circumstances.

Spring 2018 Semester:

14 Weeks, 16 Class Hours per Week (8 Credit Hours)
SPRING DISCOUNT RATE: $ 6,500 (If paid in full by Dec. 1st, 2017)


January 2018 Term – Los Angeles Intensive:

Postponed till 2019

3 Weeks


Summer 2018 Semesters:

First Summer Session
Monday May 21, 2018 to Friday June 29, 2018

Second Summer Session
Monday July 2, 2018 to Friday August 10, 2018

FIVE DAYS A WEEK, all day, including evening showcase on Mondays and Wednesdays.

Stonestreet conducts the first semester program in the first summer session and again in the second summer session.  In addition, in the second summer session we also conduct the advanced program.

The tuition for each Summer 2018 session is $6,800.  
Tuition is discounted to $6,500 if paid in full not later than Friday March 30, 2018.