STONESTREET STUDIOS is celebrating 25 years as a New York City based fully operative, multi-purpose, visual motion picture production studio, founded by Alyssa Rallo Bennett & Gary O. Bennett, director/writer/producer team. Stonestreet’s work ranges from award-winning socially speculative feature films such as Rain Without Thunder (Starring Jeff Daniels, Linda Hunt, Steve Zahn) and The Pack aka Smoking Non-Smoking (Luci Arnaz, Elizabeth Moss), to pilots, web series and Micro-Movies released internationally and on Stonestreet’s growing platforms.

Stonestreet has become a known as an incubator of socially conscious, character driven and culturally provocative millennial and generation Y content and talent such as Miles Teller (Whiplash, Divergent, Bleed for This), Ashley Skidmore (Younger), Renee Felice Smith (NCIS), Xosha Roquemore (Mindy Project), Michaela Conlin (Bones), Connor Hines (Local Attraction) and more.



Rachel Brosnahan on Playing a ‘Type A’ Downtown Comic in The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel


 Rachel Brosnahan to Receive Second Annual Stonestreet Studios Granite Award


 Rachel Brosnahan Will Be Presented with Second Annual Stonestreet Granite Award

Women’s Rights Anthology Series Piloted by Stonestreet Studios


Stonestreet Studios Celebrates 25 Years of Filmmaking With Alumnus Miles Teller, Releases Six New Webseries”

“Fantastic Beasts,” “Bleed for This,” “Manchester by the Sea” and so Much More!

“Bleed For This’ Star Miles Teller Discusses Training To Portray Boxer Vinny Paz

Exclusive: Miles Teller Talks Being Honored By Stonestreet Studios, Career & More

Miles Teller to Be Honored by Stonestreet Studios

Stonestreet Studios Celebrates 25 Years of Filmmaking With Alumnus Miles Teller, Releases Six New Webseries

Miles Teller is Honored By Stonestreet Studios

Stonestreet pilot Videola wins Best Pilot Award at Hoboken International Film Festival.

Hoboken Film Festival Premieres Four Stonestreet Studios Pilots Including Videola with Sean Young, End It All Now with Zach Galligan, Big City Casting with Ashley Skidmore

Stonestreet Shorts Take Off – Three Films Featured in Manhattan Film Festival and Licensing Deal with Shorts HD Imminent.

Stonestreet Studios Shooting Two New Pilots In Los Angeles January 4-22, 2016

Stonestreet Studios Shop “Videola” Pilot Starring Sean Young

Stonestreet Studios Presents “Fountain & Never”: Peter Pan Re-Imagined On The Streets Of L.A. For A New Web Series

Stonestreet Studios Presents A ‘Millennial’ Focus For Its 24th Year Lineup of Independent Films, Pilots & Series