Stonestreet immerses students into an
independent film studio environment.
The Stonestreet Conservatory program
is divided into two or more semesters.
The Stonestreet I curriculum is an introduction to
the art of screen acting, all aspects of production...
to  navigating a full production set, experiencing
the edit room, ADR and beyond.
This empowers students with skills to produce
and guide their own careers and work
in multiple areas of the industry.
Industry Showcases create regular opportunities
for students to practice auditioning...
and make professional contacts that have
typically created a work network for them.
Students learn to shoot professionally lit, directed,
and edited original shot works,  from pre to
post production.
Students also take advanced audition, career classes
Films and pilots produced by Stonestreet students
are showcased in major film festivals around the world.
Short form projects such as narrative music videos and PSAs are often aired and compete for awards.
As part of their training, students also have ample and varied professional work to create reels.
At this level students are allowed to produce and utilize the studio for personal projects.
Students meet and audition regularly for agents, casting directors, managers and working directors.
These films range from shorts to feature lengths to pilots and web series.
Over the years, Stonestreet continues to grow its community of directors including...
such directors as David O. Russell, Chris Modoono, Eric LaPlante, Bornila Chatterjee, Alyssa Rallo Bennett and more.
Stonestreet has spawned such filmmakers, writers, and actors such as Antonio Macia(Holy Rollers, Affluenza), Miles Teller(The Spectacular Now)...
Many of Stonestreet's films continue to be featured in international film festivals.
Students find it extremely valuable to go through the actual experience of working on set creating an entire film start to finish before they graduate..
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